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Bryertons Roasted Almonds

Meet William and Rhonda Bryerton. It was during their first encounter in 2016 at an auction house in Prince Edward Island, Canada, where William casually mentioned to Rhonda, "I know this sounds crazy, but I've been thinking of getting into the almond roasting business." Little did the two know that they would fall in love, marry five months later in snowy Canada, and be knee deep in almonds together. Rhonda, a school teacher in Manitoba for 26 years, and William, a San Fransisco Bay boat captain for 20 years, were thrilled to start their nutty adventure in California. Today you can find Rhonda and William selling their gourmet almonds at many farmer's markets in Napa and Sonoma County, as well as at many other events and festivals throughout the state. The couple truly believes in their product, and are committed to providing their customers with the highest quality almonds. GREAT ALMONDS, GREAT PEOPLE.